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Drifter B Burros is Sun Valley’s premiere wedding burro vendor, guaranteed to serve up an extra good time for your guests at private parties and corporate events. Officially launching Spring 2021, we have years of established relationships with many local vendors and are excited to make this new offering available for a truly memorable Idaho experience!



Adding a “Wedding Burro” to your special day is guaranteed to make the party even more amazing! Your guests will be greeted in true Idaho style by our burros at the reception with a cool cocktail and entertained with unique photo ops while you are taking your own wedding photos. Or our donkeys make for an unforgettable rehearsal dinner or the perfect after dinner follow-up for your guests that are not quite ready to hit the dance floor – nothing brings people together or serves as better ice-breaker than their sweet furry faces and engaging personalities.



Imagine your guests enjoying the gorgeous Idaho evening only to be surprised by a beer packing burro! A cute and gentle donkey, outfitted in appointments of your choice, packing coolers filled with your favorite beverages!


If you have ever spent any time around a donkey you know they often have very distinct personalities. They can be jokesters, pranksters and total hams! Their quirky personalities are natural ice-breakers and quickly make a good party GREAT! There is something about a donkey with their big ears and inquisitive nature that attract adults and children alike.


Adding a beer burro to your next event is a sure way to create smiles and memories that will leave your guests talking about your event long after the party is over.

Meet the team

These are the most recent events our burros have attended!

Kind Words...

When I was first introduced to Leroy and Moonshine, I instantly knew that these two had one purpose in life- to make people smile. As I saw people interact with them, I couldn’t believe the joy and brightness they brought to all of the swooning faces around them. It was like they could melt away all of the troubles of the world and turn any moment into pure happiness. Not only by their simply adorable looks, but because they have the sweetest, most darling and approachable personalities of any mini donkey known to walk this earth. In our current world, I wouldn’t dream of throwing an event without them. Humanity needs more Leroy’s and Moonshines! -KC


Leroy and Moonshine love attention and snuggles from their many adoring fans.  The absolute cutest with their baskets and flower crowns, both of them love to be the center of attention and are extremely well behaved in groups of people of all ages. – Morgan B.


As one of the additional caretakers for Katelyn’s spectacular family of animals when she goes out of town, I can truly attest to the wonderful nature and great personalities of the Drifter B Burros. Leroy and Moonshine are always the first to greet you, snuggling up for pets and curious about anything hiding in your pockets. They love playing “tag” with the dogs and helping you un-tie their best friend Cricket when you take her out for rides. They could spend all day sitting with you, waiting for some hugs and a scratch of their necks and ears, and I always find them endlessly entertaining as they goof off with the rest of the herd in their large corral or out in their big field in the summers, curiously watching all that you do while performing barn chores. Their kind demeanors and fun personalities make them the perfect fit for any social event. Katelyn has the biggest heart and cares for a lot of amazing animals, which reflects on her own wonderful ability to keep her tidy ranch in tip top shape. She is one of the most organized and efficient people I have ever met, and is always there with a smile and willing to help with any task you put in front of her. You can’t go wrong with a literal ” mini mule mule bar” at your next event! -Julie Y.


Katelyn and her crew of furry creatures are such a wonderful addition to any space or gathering. Leroy and Moonshine are a testament to the loving and nurturing environment of the Drifter B ranch. Katelyn’s attention to detail not only with the care of her animals but the projects she spearheads is unparalleled. Who knew you could find such a perfect balance of fun loving, creative, and professional on one ranch. I highly recommend Katelyn and the Drifter B Burros for whatever event you want to add some furry flare to!



Located in Bellevue, Idaho, Drifter B Ranch is home to Leroy and Moonshine, two micro-miniature donkeys that are always the life of the party – at home or away!  We have been training diligently for many months preparing them for their debut as Sun Valley’s only event burros.  Our donkeys are a part of our family and as such, receive only the best care, alongside their many other barnyard friends!  Moonshine and Leroy absolutely love people and with their sweet faces and funny personalities, it’s impossible not to fall in love with them.  We are excited for you to meet them!